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Whether in eastern Tennessee, western North Carolina, or North Georgia, you can get unparalleled cabin cleaning and housekeeping service from MountainClean, LLC, producing the necessary environment for your vacation cabin rental bookings. A spotless cabin is sure to bring you more revenue!

Our housekeeping staff will clean your vacation cabin from set up to vacation rental using a simple and systematic approach ensuring no detail is missed. Using the knowledge gained from years of experience in vacation property management and cabin cleaning, we will work with you to ensure that your beloved cabin is attractive, efficient, and fully compliant.

We know what guests are looking for and will ensure that the actual presentation your cabin delivers the amazing experience that your repeat guests have come to know and love.

We have come to be the preferred cabin cleaner choice for many cabin owners in mountain getaway destinations including Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Murphy, Blairsville, and Copperhill. Allow us to provide the difference you’re looking for!

MountainClean, LLC uses only all natural products that are kind to your guests and to our mountains!

Contact us today to get a free cleaning estimate and learn how we can help keep your vacation rental property in pristine condition.

Featured Cabin Owner Tip

“Put a clipboard up in your home (dry erase). Just something small. Your guests might not be comfortable telling you that you need to clean a “certain spot of dust” that your housekeeper cannot reach or that an appliance bulb is out under the stove. Or, at least, during their stay they will not tell you. They will generally be courteous enough to write it on a dry erase board, though.”


Did you know that typical household cleaners are petroleum based, which contain toxins. We use only all natural products that are safe for you and kind to our mountains.


  • Consistency: You will have the same person cleaning your cabin or condo between each renter; you know that the quality will be (close to) the same each time.
  • Thoroughness: Because you will have the same person cleaning your cabin/vacation property that person will be more familiar with your property and knows which areas need special attention.
  • Willingness to Multi-Task: Since MountainClean, LLC is there already, we can perform basic maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs and furnace filters as well.
  • Communication: MountainClean, LLC is committed to keeping you in the know about what’s going on with your cabin/vacation home and your renters.
  • Flexibility: MountainClean, LLC offers flexibility with your rental schedule and vacillating needs.

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